Therapeutic Massage

Recover, Restore, Heal

 Therapeutic Massage

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Therapeutic massage is an umbrella term for many different massage techniques used to address and improve a variety of conditions. Therapeutic massage is often termed “focus work.”  I will ask specific questions and listen carefully to design a massage treatment to “focus” on the conditions that prompted treatment.  Just a few examples of the conditions that benefit from therapeutic massage are: recovery from knee or hip surgery, frozen shoulder, sports injuries, Fibromyalgia,  sciatica, low back pain, jaw pain, neck pain and stiffness.

If you have experienced an accident, illness or injury, and, are in the recovery process, therapeutic massage can be very effective as part of your recovery plan, when approved by your doctor.  This type of massage can be very relaxing, but the primary goal is to recover from pain and injury, increase range of motion and restore balance and energy to the best level possible.

Many therapeutic massage clients see a physical therapist or a specialty physician in conjunction with a licensed massage therapist. This integrated team approach can be very effective to speed healing and accelerate the renewal process. Health providers often recommend that clients schedule their massage appointments close to their treatment sessions to facilitate optimal results.  This kind of professional teamwork can optimize your recovery.

Therapeutic massage may also be used as part of a general wellness program. People with a wide variety of occupations; from office and retail workers experiencing muscle soreness to construction and trades people who need strong, flexible muscles for work performance can typically benefit from Therapeutic Massage.

Therapeutic Massage is great for those living near Redmond and enjoying the famous Central Oregon Outdoor Lifestyle.  We all know the toll our love of sports like hiking, riding, running kayaking and skiing takes on our bodies.  This is why amateur and professional athletes integrate massage therapy before and after competitive events.  Massage is well known to keep muscles limber, free from strain and soreness, strong and prepared for competition.

After your session, I often provide specific stretches and exercises to aid in your recovery or continued improvement.  This may include other after-massage recommendations for home self-care as well.  Your health is a lifetime journey.  Let’s make it an awesome one!

If this fits you, or if this sounds like you, request a Therapeutic Massage to recover, restore and heal.


If you are unsure about participating in a Therapeutic Massage session, please consult your medical provider to determine if there are any contraindications for your specific circumstances.